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Welcome to the heart of Europe!

Welcome to the country that truly epitomizes the European spirit. A country that embodies culture, rich history, an easy way of life and most of all provides a dynamic environment for business investment and growth for the future. Welcome to Hungary and Hungary2invest!

Hungary2invest chose to operate in business friendly environment, with long-term political stability, EU conform investment incentives and last but not least an environment with a highly developed logistical, transport and communications infrastructure.

We passionately believe that the potential for real-estate investment in Hungary is enormous and subsequently envisioned a comprehensive property service that truly is unique.

Whether you are looking to buy a luxury residential property, to invest in classical apartment or commercial projects, our professional and dedicated team, in close collaboration with Otthon Centrum and biggest well known developers, is willing to facilitate and assist you in finding the best deal!

Hungary2invest`s primary objective and main driving force is to:

    * Find cost effective solutions to all our clients` unique needs
    * Tailor each offering to the clients’ strict requirements.

Reasons for choosing Hungary2invest

Our complete property service comprises:

   1. Inspection trips & after-sales follow-through.
      We will show you any properties you are interested in viewing and introduce you to Russian speaking Hungarian solicitors who will explain the legal process and complete the formalities for you.
   2. Sales Consultancy.
      We identify and match, and negotiate best property deals for each of our investors. Through our carefully selected partners we are able to offer to our clients the big variety of different projects.
   3. Financial consultancy.
      We are providing our clients with the best financing options available.
   4. Legal consultancy.
      We will take you through the administrative process and ensure your purchase is as smooth as possible. If you able to provide all the required paperwork up front the process moves very quickly and efficiently.
   5. Home management services ranging from preparing the property for rent to repairs & maintenance.

Development schemes can show profit for of up to 6 percent over a 12-18 month period. Investment property, held for a period of 5 years or more, would provide an annual income of 4 to 6 percent of the purchase price together with capital appreciation if the value of properties rises. Rental yields expected between 5 –8% depending on property type and location.

So, if you are looking for a sure investment and require advice from a professional, market leading in property business companies and friendly staff that will provide support and assistance in starting your business please do not hesitate to make the right choice.

It is truly worth choosing Hungary2invest!