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Financing options

Hungary2invest together with OC International Client Service provides clients with the best financing options available. We are in contact with 29 banks operating in the Hungarian market, thus clients can be assured that we can cater for their needs and provide a financing option suitable.

Mortgages and more recently buy to let mortgages are available for individuals as well as for corporations.

For an Apartment Purchase Loan, the maximum loan to value is 50% with income verification. Without income verification, the maximum amount of loan available is 25% of the purchase price of the property. Equity release is an option available for the clients’ who already own apartments in Hungary and is available with LTV’s up to 40% of the purchase price. This is often called as Freely Usable Loan.

Interest only mortgages are also available in the Hungarian market, meaning in the first 6 years (maximum), the clients will only pay the interest and will start repaying the capital only in the 7th year.

Buy to let mortgages are available are available with LTV’s up to 40% of the purchase price.


    * Value appraisement fee: 30,000 HUF (120 €)
    * Contract concluding fee: 1%
    * Notary fee (according to the notary)
    * Disbursement fee: 0.5%
    * Fee of Land Registry: 12,000 HUF (47 €)
    * Fee of Title deed: 4,500 HUF (18€)
    * Collateral: 3 times of the monthly instalment – at the time of expiring the mortgage, this amount will be repaid

Loans and leases are available in CHF, EUR and in HUF. Please note that clients cannot be over the age of 60 when the mortgage expires.


    * Sale and purchase contract
    * Title deed
    * Floor plan
    * Founding documents of the property
    * Passport copy countersigned by the notary
    * Loan application formula of the given bank
    * Certificate of income
    * Payslips of the last 3 months
    * P60 (Tax return)
    * Original copies of bank statement for at least the last 6 months
    * Credit Bureau Report/Equifax Statement
    * Power of attorney

Once a client has submitted the above documents it will take approximately 4–6 weeks to process.

The service fee of our agency in all cases is 1% of the total loan amount.

It is advisable to start applying for the mortgage 6 months before the handover of the apartment in order to ensure the funding is available for completion.