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Market Research Department

Hungary2invest in the collaboration with Otthon Centrum International Client Services (OC ICS) are able to provide for clients quarterly market research newsletter. The market research team is made up of property experts trained to assist you in better understanding the Hungarian real estate market. In addition to the free quarterly newsletter, we can provide detailed and structured information about our highlighted projects, as well as comprehensive data regarding the overall market environment, upon request.

This newsletter answers a number of general questions about the market that will help individual and corporate developers, investors, better understand the Hungarian market.

Questions include:

    * What are the economic framework conditions of the Hungarian real estate market?
    * What are the general trends of supply and demand in Budapest and throughout the country?
    * What are sub-markets in Budapest? What are their characteristics (prices, products, services, etc)? What are the key characteristics of successful projects?
    * What search preferences characterise the potential real estate buyers in each market segment?
    * Where and why is a change in demand to be expected?

If you have any further questions about the Market Research department, contact us for a newsletter, or send us email at