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Exceptionally good time to buy real estate in Hungary!

Welcome to the country that truly epitomizes the European spirit.

A country that embodies culture, rich history and most of all provides a dynamic
environment for business investment and growth for the future. Welcome to Hungary and Hungary2invest!

Hungary2invest chose to operate in business friendly environment, with EU conform investment incentives
and last but not least in an environment with a highly developed logistical, transport and communications infrastructure.

We passionately believe that the potential for real-estate investment in Hungary is enormous and thus have envisioned a comprehensive property service that truly is unique.

Whether you are looking to buy a luxury residential property, to invest in a classical apartment or in a commercial projects, our professional and dedicated team, in close collaboration with best real estate agencies and biggest well known developers, is willing to facilitate and assist you in finding the best deal!

Hungary2invest`s primary objectives and main driving force is to:

· Find cost effective solutions to all our clients` unique needs

· Tailor each offering to the clients’ strict requirements

Property of the day

Brody Sandor H2I - 133
Budapest VIII Prices from:
This palato (mini palace) was built by Dr. Vilmos Tauffer (Medicine) as his office and private residence.
Szegedi H2I - 153
Budapest XIII Prices from:
3,900,000 EUR
Unique investment opportunity. Excellent price. The project made for residential property, but can be used for building an office.
Cezar kert H2I - 154
Budapest III Prices from:
1,600,000 EUR
One of Óbuda’s well-known restaurants and pension the Császárkert restaurant property development project.

Popular property

Andrassy Palazo H2I - 39

Budapest VI
Price / sqm:
2,868 EUR
Prices from:
160,000 EUR
49,500,000 HUF
Luxury turn-of-the-century apartments at a UNESCO World Heritage Site...

River Terraces H2I - 42

Budapest III
Price / sqm:
1,500 EUR
Prices from:
62,000 EUR
170,000,000 HUF
Buy a property in the dream location of Hungarians and benefit from the buoyant local long term rental market!

Szalay H2I - 90

Budapest V
70 m²
Price / sqm:
1,957 EUR
Prices from:
137,000 EUR
37,675,000 HUF
This is a top floor flat, newly renovated with impeccable taste. The balcony has a view onto the Parliament, of the most impressive sights in Budapest.

Olive gardens H2I - 115

Budapest VIII
Price / sqm:
685 EUR
Prices from:
45,264 EUR
14,585,000 HUF

Class project H2I - 131

Budapest V
Price / sqm:
2,945 EUR
Prices from:
147,500 EUR
40,560,000 HUF
Mingle the past with the present ! Exclusive building, exceptional architecture. Unique investment. Exceptionally reasonable prices. Ready to move in!

Марина Project H2I - 142

Budapest XIII
Price / sqm:
745 EUR
Prices from:
54,100 EUR
16,250,000 HUF
NEW WORLD - NEW LIFE on the banks of the River Danube

Anjou H2I - 144

Budapest I
Price / sqm:
3,500 EUR
Prices from:
280,000 EUR
77,000,000 HUF
For style, way of life, and investment opportunity. Apartments in the hill of Badapest Castle.Prices from:3800 EUR/sqm

Hotel Fortuna - Heviz H2I - 192

Balaton I
Price / sqm:
1,493 EUR
Prices from:
1,550,000 EUR
426,250,000 HUF
Своеобразная «Рублевка» в Эксклюзивном жилом районе и в зоне отдыха курортного городка Хевиз. Площадь здания 1.038 кв.м. Высокая окупаемость!

Golden Park H2I - 198

Price / sqm:
1,065 EUR
Prices from:
49,000 EUR
13,475,000 HUF
Эксклюзивный жилой район и зона отдыха. Высокие доходы от аренды. Любимое место отдыха многих европейцев!

Spa Recidence H2I - 196

Budapest I
Price / sqm:
1,380 EUR
Prices from:
58,000 EUR
15,950,000 HUF

Family House H2I - 202

Balaton I
Rooms: 7
Prices from:
180,000 EUR
48,600,000 HUF
Excellent location. 400m from the Balaton lake. Walk distance to the shopping centers. Super price. Ten rooms generation house. Perfect investment.

Mediterranean H2I - 203

Balaton I
360 m²
Rooms: 6
Prices from:
380,000 EUR
102,600,000 HUF
Six rooms gorgeous new house with nice garden and swimming pool. High class materials!

Bank Center H2I - 303

Budapest V
131 m²
Rooms: 5
Price / sqm:
2,900 EUR
Prices from:
385,000 EUR
117,425,000 HUF
Special offer available short term