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In Hungary, commercial properties with low risk and high return are attractive to individual investors as well.

Commercial investments are attractive since rental yields can be as high as 7-9%, while capital appreciation is far higher than the European Union 25% average. Further, rental fees are low in comparison to the regional average; meaning there is likely to be increases in the rates in the coming years.

We have both pre-rented apartments and apartments which can easily be rented out. Further we offer rental space, office office, industrial sites, and multiuse properties. Commercial investment properties range from purchasing a building to an apartment in an in housing complex. Both of which can bring return as the property appreciates. Commercial investment properties start at €500,000–1,500,000.

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Registry Number Description Price
BTE-954 In II. district one of the oldest restaurants of Buda is for sale. The total area of the property near the busy Margit körút is let out. It includes flats, too. Yield is 9.6%. € 1,100,000
BTE-922 In II. district directly at Margit körút within the area of Rozsadomb a well situated 3640 sqm office, 720 sqm retail space, 220 sqm storage including a 3-storey car park with 90 parking lots are let to be built. Pre-sale with yield-guarantee is also possible. Yield is 6.5%. € 13,800,000
BTE-942 In VI. district near the Operaház ground floor retail space is for sale. Leased by a beauty saloon. Lease contract until 2010. Yield is 8.5%. € 227,000
BTE-838 In XI. district close to Infopark A-category building with anchor tenants in the ever-developing part of Budapest. It was built a few years ago. Yield is 7.0%. € 3,300,000
BTE-944 In XIII. district in Angyalföld 2,500 floor area let until 2015. The inner refurbishment has been finished, the outer one is planned this year. Yield is 10.4% € 1,200,000
BTE-951 In the region of Dunántúl 91% let out, partly local, partly international tenants. Annual NOI is € 397,505. Yield is 7.3% € 5,400,000
BTE-971 In XIII. district 200 m away from the future government complex a property consisting of two office buildings with an area of 5,251 sqm. An office area of 2,500sqm can be added. Annual NOI is €503,000. Yield is 5.0 %. € 10,250,000
BTE-967 In XIII. district in one of the most dinamically developing parts of Budapest an office building with an area of 1,295 sqm is for sale. Annual NOI is €137,000.Yield is 8.5 %. € 1,600,000
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Bank Center H2I - 303
131 m²
Budapest V Prices from:
Rooms: 5
385,000 EUR
117,425,000 HUF
Special offer available short term