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Panzio H2I - 281
880 m²
Budapest XIV Prices from:
Hotel in Zuglo, togather with flat for sell.
Luxury Farm H2I - 244
Budapest I Prices from:
Rooms: 7
1,482,188 EUR
35 km of Budapest in the hilly nature reserve Veretes, Near Highway.From Vienna 1.5 hour driving. Country style Farm. Luxury leaving.
Vigyazo Ferenc H2I - 219
Budapest V Prices from:
This unique 240m2 commercial property located in a beautifully restored listed building with many original features.
Hotel Fortuna - Heviz H2I - 192
Balaton I Prices from:
1,550,000 EUR
426,250,000 HUF
Своеобразная «Рублевка» в Эксклюзивном жилом районе и в зоне отдыха курортного городка Хевиз. Площадь здания 1.038 кв.м. Высокая окупаемость!
Замок — Св. Короля H2I - 188
Balaton I Prices from:
1,600,000 EUR
432,000,000 HUF
Начатый в 1760 году, замок располагает жилой площадью в 800 кв.м и был отреставрирован к началу 21 столетия. 10 комнат.
Cezar kert H2I - 154
Budapest III Prices from:
1,600,000 EUR
One of Óbuda’s well-known restaurants and pension the Császárkert restaurant property development project.
Szegedi H2I - 153
Budapest XIII Prices from:
3,900,000 EUR
Unique investment opportunity. Excellent price. The project made for residential property, but can be used for building an office.
Brody Sandor H2I - 133
Budapest VIII Prices from:
This palato (mini palace) was built by Dr. Vilmos Tauffer (Medicine) as his office and private residence.